FASHION/WINTER 2003                                                                                                                                                             ISSUE 5
Photos By Jim
The following photos were taken at Greenlawn Cemetary in Ohio.  After seeing an article in Harper's Bazaar,
Dreama replicated the black gown by Olivier Theyskens.  He has designed many things for Madonna.  We
could not find a good link that represents his great talent.  If anyone has a link please send it in!  Especially
one of this particular gown.
January's Providence

It came in a night vision
Like a paralytic dream
My eyes transfixed upon the silhouettes
Of the four travelers
Journeying to dimensions unknown
To the common soul
Following the stream of light
Stretched along the ground
Shooting out from the lymphatic orb
The four stalked the pendulum
That had promised them 
A lasting tomorrow...

But two had no morals
A token grain of lies left by their forefathers
And one searched for reason and tranquility
Given to by a kindred spirit
Bordering on the line of sin
And the night vision came to the one left over
Taking no goals to the other side
Carrying names given but not accepted
The latter is waiting for nothing
Absorbing nothing
Though walking under the rays
Of the January moon.


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