WATCHINGBLACK2008                                                                                                                                       ISSUE 8

          I often find myself in strange places; dark places usually, and places where I wonder if I’ve worn the right shoes to run in…today I’m wearing my BLACK Converse All Stars.

          But 'Who Would Have Thought?' I’d be standing in Chicago on the third floor of an old building on a busy street looking out the window at the spikes they put on corners of rooftops so pigeons don’t shit on our heads?  'Who Would Have Thought?' I’d be waiting for him?

          Like all the other people in the room who are pulling out their shiny new CDs and humming softly to themselves the songs that all in the room know word for word I am waiting for Darren Hayes.  And everyone is murmuring about how many Gigs they have available on their cameras and I have no chair or water.  But if I move for a second the people behind me, already Too Close For Comfort, will move in closer and the spot I’ve been standing in for three hours will belong to someone else.

                                                                                                                                                   Darren's feet from the Spin album 2002.

Darren Hayes                                  Photo by Jim

When I mention Darren Hayes people are like, “Who?”

“Remember Savage Garden?”  I say every time.


"Well, he was the lead singer.

“Oh,” they say.   (Everyone knows Savage Garden).  “I like them.”    

“Yeah, me too.”

          I first heard Darren Hayes’ voice around 1998 singing 'Truly Madly Deeply' on the radio and I thought Savage Garden was a boy band like N-Sync or whatever that other one was.  But to my relief it was only two boys and I never once caught them jumping around in unison.

          Darren Hayes is one of those singers who can sing 'Row Row Row Your Boat' and it will still sound amazing.  Take away his toothy grin (that can lift even the most miserable people out of the doldrums), his sparkly blue eyes and his voice alone will make you forget to breath.  It can go intensely high or when it gets breathy, well, maybe that’s for another magazine.  He is locked into my top singers of the world know who they are.

         But Darren Hayes is on his own now because Daniel Jones…


Check out Goth Boy Darren! (right)
Is that BLACK lipstick?  Don't worry D
we all did it...
uh, some of us just never grew out of it.


        The other guy in Savage Garden.


        Daniel Jones (left in photo) didn’t want all the fame, so they split.  He’s happy, Darren’s happy…we’re all happy.  So, back to Chicago…