ANALYSISSUMMER 2006                                                                                                                                       ISSUE 7

So, she says to me, "Joel, let's see how many people can spot you around town, they can take your picture and send it to us...or how about you go places and I take your picture and then post it on The Voyeur?   It will be like Elvis Spotting only with more sequins..."

What could I do?  I've never been able to resist a woman with such excellent taste in fashion and ever since my romp with VSGal I'm like putty between their impeccably manicured fingers.


  "Smile," she said.

Smile, Darling?  Don't you know I'm brooding?  This is the BLUE ISSUE after that lint on my sleeve?  How dastardly.

It takes practice to get a BLUE brood like this...




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