And those who tread upon her rich earth
Those who were born here
Or come from many lands sharing culture, religion and pride
America is no one with out the people within
America is just a word that I speak to define my thoughts
America is a just a photograph in a book on a page I hold in my hand.
We focus on one page at a time then move on to the next
As if these pages will stay the same forever


I know today if not on any other day
That life is not as perfect as a photograph framed and hanging neatly on a wall
Showing only the moments we want to remember
And masking all that surrounds it
The sounds, the smells, the sun on our skin
I know today not to take for granted a photograph
To stop a moment and see the people who cannot be seen
I am thankful this day of mourning for those who love me
And share great sadness for those who have lost
And remember this day there is more to America
Than a flag blowing in the breeze

America is no one without the people within.