WINTER  2002                                                                                                                                                                                                        ISSUE 4

I woke this morning to a ringing phone.   I picked up the receiver and was informed that the New Rome Police had arrived at Jim’s work with intent to arrest him over an unpaid speeding ticket.  Now this goes way beyond an unpaid speeding ticket.  This goes deep into the question of right and wrong and innocent and guilty.  And in this case New Rome is the guilty party. 

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Jim has received many emails of support and thanks and suggestions of things he can do.  He has also received very few emails suggesting he pay the ticket.  Which mostly, are disregarded as people who just don’t understand the principle of standing up for one’s rights. 

At this point, it is very scary to think he may end up in jail and have a mark on his record as a result of seven miles over the speed limit, which is clearly an entrapment case.  At this point, I wonder what goes through the mind of a New Rome police officer that travels miles out of the jurisdiction for an innocent, yes INNOCENT person. 

The fact is that after Jim showed the magistrate the laws for proper sign placement, New Rome corrected the illegal sign, which was a blatant admission of guilt. 

In the article, “Police officers in New Rome quick to ticket,” posted in the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday, February 3, 2002 by Steve Stephens, a Dispatch Staff Reporter, it states, “From September through December, just 10 percent of the tickets were issued for speeding. Most were for expired registrations, failure to show insurance and no operator's license.”  Jim fought the illegal sign and it was changed, approximately, in the month of July of this year.  That means the percentage of speeding tickets, perhaps, are so low because the sign is now legal. 

I wonder what the New Rome residents, who are also innocent people, think when their police officers waste time and money on something like this when they should be protecting them against robbery, rape, drunk driving, etc. 

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                                                                               The Editor