ANALYSISSUMMER 2006                                                                                                                                       ISSUE 7


           So, darlings...Dreama got it in her head one day that she would chase me around with a camera and take my picture.  Not that I don't like getting my picture taken but I've been feeling a bit blue lately and have been a little slack in my fashion sense, not that paisley boxers and a smart white tank top isn't fashionable.  (Yes, I refuse to use the common coinage "wife beater" as it is indeed common and furthermore if I chose to beat my wife certainly I would not do so without her permission and I would wear a nice black pair of chaps and maybe a studded collar...) Where was I?  Oh, underclothes maybe fashionable and somewhat silky but I'm not putting them on the internet.  Therefore, I dug out some fancy blue duds and entertained my darling for a while...


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