ART/SUMMER  2001                                                                                                                                                                                           ISSUE 3

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          Several of the artists worked with wood.  I’ve seen about as many furniture stores as I need to in my lifetime, however these pieces were different.  I walked into a booth, looked at all the smooth brown vases and assumed they were glass blown sculptures.  No, these were not glass, in fact, far from it.  They were made of wood.  Smooth, round, perfect wood had been formed into vases, goblets, bowls, silverware, etc.  All made from wood.  I’ve never seen anything like it before.
Photography seemed to be a big hit at the festival.  Several booths featured photographs, but in some cases they appeared as if they were fancy paintings- not photos.  I couldn’t believe my eyes. Perhaps it was the different use of their camera lenses? I wasn’t sure.  One of the photographers had a distinct sense of humor.  He used play on words for his art.  For example, there was a picture of a bagel next to 3 padlocks entitled “Bagel & Locks.”  Hilarious!  A picture of a watermelon with a faucet coming out the side was entitled “On Tap.”  I can’t recall if this was the exact same photographer, but one gentleman had a picture of 4 tomatoes walking across a wooden bridge, over a fiery abyss.  One tomato had apparently broken through the bridge and was falling to its doom.  I laughed.  I love it when art has a sense of humor.
          A painter’s booth had a beautiful painting featuring a sleeping nude woman.  Her lower body was encased in snow, and several winter creatures were sleeping around her in the nighttime cold.  The painting was entitled “Hibernation.”  I wanted to buy a print, but they were completely sold out!

          The most beautiful photography I saw was in the Shelly Corbett booth.  Shelly is an artist from Seattle, Washington.  She calls her art:  Fine Art Photographs.  When I saw her work for the first time, I thought she was a painter, but then I realized she photographs her subjects and then does something to it to make the photo APPEAR painted.  It’s amazing! 
Here are some of my favorites: 


Buttery Violins

Small Exhalations

Vivid Lipstick 

Infinite Jest

After looking at art all day, in the hot sun, and with nothing but a lukewarm bottled water in your grasp, you get very sweaty and tired.  My friend and I decided to crash on the grass, in the shade, next to a fountain in Bicentennial Park.  A jazz band was playing on the stage near the fountain.  A cool breeze was blowing in from the river.  I stretched out full-length on the ground, and promptly fell asleep.  It was a lovely day. 
          I would have stayed in the shade, napping, the rest of the afternoon, but eventually we had to get up, and explore the rest of the booths.  We hadn’t seen them all yet!  A row of booths near the fountain was featuring charity art projects.  The idea was, you could sit down at a table, and be given a small art project to do.  Then the art would be given to a charity.  I chose to paint a tile.  I was given a brush, and a few dots of paint.  I doodled absently with mine, while my friend drew some dragonflies on her tile.  Later, we were told that our tiles were going to be given to Riverside Hospital and put on display to brighten up one of the wards.  Isn’t that sweet?
          A festival wouldn’t be complete without some food, right?  Oh! the wonderful food they had there!  I drank a strawberry/banana/iced drink, enjoyed a Greek Gyro Pita Wrap, and devoured a piece of Baklava for dessert!  Although I did not try it, one of the booths actually had alligator meat!  Mozart’s Café had a booth there, some of the other booths featured Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Slush Puppies, Budweiser, Wine, Juice, frozen Margaritas, and shaved ice.  You could get funnel cake, jumbo cream puffs, roasted nuts, hot salted pretzels, cookies, donuts, popcorn, ribs, Chinese, Greek, Italian and Cajun.  Could an Art Festival ask for anything more?
          Around 7pm, we started back to the car.  The festival was over marking 40 years of Art Festivals in Columbus.  I had seen so much, in so little time.  However, there was nothing else I would have rather done on this lovely Sunday afternoon.  I certainly plan to be at the 41st Art Festival also!  Only this time, I am going all THREE days!