ART/SUMMER  2001                                                                                                                                                                                         ISSUE 3

COMFEST #30, by Dreama
Photos by Jim
Fashion, Art & Politics…the Community Festival has the best representation of these 3 things than anything else.  For 30 years the Community Festival has been going strong in Columbus, Ohio.  Every summer groups of diverse people gather in Goodale Park to listen to different styles of music, see different styles of art and just become part of a loving atmosphere.  I have been going to Comfest for several years and every year as I walk down the lines of booths, containing food, art, clothing, or political propaganda, or through the crowds of people laying on blankets or swaying gently to the music, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed with the great sense of community in this little festival.  I do not recall ever feeling unsafe here. 


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